Look it's me! circa 2017

Look it's me! circa 2017


Southern Californian. Fluent in sarcasm and sass. Bad case of wanderlust. Book lover and over-worrier.

Hey there reader, my name is Renée Torres, creator of @bookishblissandbeauty. Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks to #bookstagram, on Instagram, I’ve found great new books, awesome authors, and new bookworm friends. This positive community and response has encouraged me to start this new adventure - book blogging.

During the summer of 2016, after finishing my history graduate school coursework, I promised myself that I would read for enjoyment again. As of May 2017 I have earned my MA in American History specializing in 20th century Women's and Gender History from Washington State University.

Besides reading, I love to write. This year, 2018, I am striving to write creatively! Moreover, music is life - if you're interested check out my Spotify playlist that correlates to music references I make on my Instagram account

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