Professional Reader 10 Book Reviews


A Note on Reviewing

First To Read

I love to review books!

I will post reviews here, on my Instagram account, and Goodreads.

If you’re interested in having me or a contributor read and review a book please see my contact page!

Genres my team and I are most interested in reviewing:

  • Fantasy (YA & Adult)

  • Romance

  • History

  • Historical Fiction

  • Mysteries

  • Books by people of color

My contributors and I always post honest reviews about the books we've read and even if it's not our favorite we'll try to ascertain positive traits about the book. I will always state if a book was given to me for free in exchange for a review.

All opinions and reviews are the writers' own unless otherwise stated.

I’m also open to giveaways, guest posts, and interviews. If you are interested in contributing to the site please see my contact page!


Thank you!